I never actually realized how much I loved my son until that night. The night of the accident. We were driving on a highway, singing along to our favorite song on the radio, getting back home from an awesome vacation. You could probably say we’re a perfect family, the three of us —my wife Martha, our son Jack and me. None of us have an ear for music, but we still love singing and dancing.

So, like I said, we were speeding along the road, happy and carefree for once. It was late evening, but the sky was still pretty bright, and the air was crisp and clear. I was behind the wheel, my wife sat beside me, and Jack was in the back seat behind her. I never noticed that jeep. The man who was driving it said he hadn’t seen us either, but… I don’t know what to think.

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What happened that night 0:34

Martha was extremely lucky, but my son... 1:52

The least I could do for him 2:19

They don’t know I can hear them 3:47

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- He crashed into us from the right, and both our cars skidded along the road for a dozen feet or so before stopping.

- My heart skipped a beat at first, but then I sighed shakily with relief: they were unconscious but alive. I’d never been that thankful for seat belts.

- Martha came to her senses in the car, but Jack didn’t. The paramedics said it was alright, he was just knocked out, but I couldn’t stop worrying.

- In the hospital, after several long hours of restless wait, they said Martha was extremely lucky.

- It turned out to be his kidneys. The impact shook Jack so much that they were failing. He needed a transplant, and soon. I was… petrified.

- When they asked me the final time whether I was ready to donate one of my kidneys to Jack, my answer was a firm “yes.”

- The surgery was then scheduled for the following week, when Jack was ready.

- The operation was successful. My son had my kidney in him now, and he was doing fine.

- The kidney he received adapted well to his body. He called me his hero. What else could a father wish for, right?

- Jack graduated from high school and went on to college. I was never so proud as on the day he was accepted.

- They come to visit me every month or so. They sit beside me, share the news, tell me everything that I missed and update me on their current affairs.

- They don’t know I can hear them, but they still remember and love me, I can sense that. Yep, I didn’t make it that day. But that was alright, I was ready for it.

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