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Wonder Park

85 minutes | Rated PG

    Wonder Park tells the story of an imaginative young girl named June. June and her mother, voiced by Jennifer Garner, create an imaginary theme park named Wonder Land. Visitors to the park are greeted by an assortment of talking animal characters including a boar voiced by Mila Kunis, a porcupine voiced by John Oliver, a large blue bear named Boomer, and others voiced by the likes of Kenan Thompson and Ken Jeong. This menagerie is led by a chimpanzee named Peanut. All one has to do is to whisper a wish into Peanut’s ear and he will make it come true with his magic marker. Much of June’s playtime revolves around Wonder Land. Her friends also enjoy playing in the park, especially Banky a neighbor boy who has a bit of a crush on June and would do almost anything for her.

    One day, her mother informs her that she is sick and will have to go away for a while. In her distress, June boxes up everything to do with Wonder Land and puts it away. She begins worriedly caring for her father, voiced by Matthew Broderick, as she believes he cannot take care of himself without her mother being around. On the way to summer camp, she concocts a plan to escape to return home to care for her father. She enlists the aid of her friend Banky to escape the bus. While walking through the woods on her way home, she discovers that Wonder Land actually exists! It has fallen into disrepair of late and is being slowly carried away into “the darkness” by an army of tiny monkeys. No one has seen Peanut for some time. The animals convince June to help them find Peanut and save the park from the darkness.

    Wonder Park, while not awful by any means, falls a bit flat. The voice cast is excellent, and the visuals are fine. It just seems to lack that little something that makes you take notice of it amidst all of the other movies of this type. The potential was here for a good children’s movie about dealing with the potential loss of a beloved parent. I’m not really sure what happened, they had all of the ingredients for something special, but delivered just another computer animated children’s film which will probably be soon forgotten.

    Wonder Park is rated PG for some mildly frightening images. There is nothing offensive here it should be fine for most anyone. I rate it two-and –a-half out of five magic markers.