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Since I’m in the business of helping people find better jobs, you would think I’m going to support the idea that developing better interviewing skills is the secret to getting hired. Every job interview is a contest, and your goal is to beat out your competition. There is only one winner and everyone else goes home disappointed. Read more

Friends have asked me if keep a library of columns I’ve written and mail them in on Monday to meet publishing deadlines. The answer is no. I write my columns the same week they are published. My goal is to share stories based on current events and personal experiences. Read more

As a general rule I’m going to suggest you avoid extremes. There’s nothing wrong with striving for success, but if your only goal is to chase the money, you run the risk of being rich and unhappy. At the same time, if your annual income is below the poverty level, then you might consider other career opportunities that are a better fit for your skills and that would enable you to live a reasonable lifestyle. Avoiding either extreme and finding that happy balance is a huge challenge. Read more

If I was asked to describe the most important principle in the hiring process here it is: Just because someone has done something for a long time (five years, 10 years or even 20), it doesn’t mean they did it well. When I ask hiring managers to describe the primary reason they chose Candidate A over Candidate B, the rationale I hear most often is "Candidate A has more experience." The assumption is that more experience equals more skill. I can tell you from personal experience this is simply not true. Read more

“Lead, follow or get out of the way.” That quote is attributed to Thomas Paine and it’s been used by dozens of famous people. I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being resistant to change. For example, I’ve owned more than a dozen cars in my lifetime, and I've never purchased the same brand twice in a row. My wife and I are constantly looking for new and different parks and hiking trails. I believe in loyalty to people, but I embrace change in just about every other aspect of my life. Read more

What Is Real-Time Job Matching?

Real-Time Job Matching is Reciprocal

Unlike traditional keyword searching that's one way, Real-Time Job Matching is reciprocal. Our proprietary matching technology not only scores and ranks candidates based on their skills and experience in relation to the job requirements, but also preferences and interests on both sides of the hiring equation.