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I started to write this column five years ago. I decided to write it because I enjoyed getting my ideas down on paper. I’ve received quite a few compliments (thank you), but it’s always been my goal to write something that makes the reader think, “Wow, that’s good advice that will help me or maybe someone in my family.”

I’m going to continue to write, but to a much smaller audience.

I’m going to write letters to my wife, my children and a few close friends. This idea to write to the people who matter in my life has been brewing for a long time. Because I’m “seventy-ish,” I’ve attended a few memorial services, and it’s always bothered me that people say so many nice things that they should have told the person while they were still alive. Me, I’m not waiting. My goal is to tell them now!

Here’s my suggestion: Please join me. Don’t wait any longer. If there are people who matter in your life, please tell them now. Tell them in person or in a letter, and while I don’t particularly like this method, I realize some of you will do so with an email, text or tweet. Oh well. What’s important is that you don’t wait any longer — do it now!

My focus from day one has been about jobs and careers, so here’s my last bit of advice. Writing is in my DNA. I do it because I enjoy it. Figure out what you really enjoy doing and then try to find someone who will actually pay you to do what you love to do.

Putting those two pieces together is the challenge. My generation put too much emphasis on the money, and today’s generation puts too much emphasis on doing what they love to do but they can’t pay the bills. Maybe I need to keep writing?

Ironically, my last column may be my best effort at creating the “Wow, that’s a fantastic idea.” I think the people who know me well won’t be surprised and they’ll appreciate what I’m trying to do. Writing this column has been a great journey and I’m really glad I chased my dream.

And a final shout out to FLT editor Mike Cutillo. You sir, are a class act. Keep up the good work.

(Editor's note: A special shout out to Bill Kaminski, as well. In addition to being written well in a casual style that appealed to many readers, his columns were informative and enjoyable at the same time, a hard combination to pull off. We appreciate his contributions to our Business section for the last five years and are excited that he has committed to continue writing for some of our specialty publications when applicable, such as Career Guide. Thank you, Bill!)