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Our policy for ‘Letters to the Editor’

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    Fellow citizens, if you follow the national news at all, the circus at the Kavanaugh hearings had to be a shocker to watch in live time; the disgusting antics that took place by our elected officials especially the Democrat Party which was appalling. They not only shamed their party they shamed America in their mob rule tactics that they used to achieve their scorched earth policy of destroying not only our first amendment constitutional rights, but of being innocent until proven guilty by using peoples lives to gain their mob mentality power grab over the rule of law of the American people.

    And without the slightest hint of compassion they deliberately tried to destroy the life of a god fearing to be candidate for the Supreme Court Justice by accusing him of the most hideous sex crimes that they could manufacture to smear him and his family in a disgusting attempt to stop him from his rightful place on the Supreme Court Bench. (But thanks to the courage of our president and a few senators they failed) and also to the Republican party who finally had the guts to stand up for the laws of the land and do what’s right for the American people by voting  to confirm a well-qualified conservative judge to the Supreme Court bench.

    Folks if the antics of the Democrat party didn’t open your eyes to just how far left the Democrat party has drifted away from our American constitutional values nothing will. The Democrat party is no longer a party for the American people as they now represent a mob rule party of far left lunatic liberal socialist scoundrels who are on a mission to destroy the constitutional rights of the American citizens and gain control of our nation by any means possible including intimidation by mob rule and violence. We the god-fearing American people must never allow this anti-American mob rule mentality of the Democrat Party and the destructive  actions of their misguided and misinformed followers be allowed to intimidate and trample our constitutional rights.

    Fellow citizens, we owe it to our children and grandchildren to keep America a free nation regardless of the cost or sacrifice that we personally must endure. And fellow citizens, the only way we can get this done is at the polls (with our vote!)

    Folks, this upcoming midterm election will be the most important election of our lifetime and it is up to us fellow citizens to do our part to keep the Republican party in control of the house and senate!)

    So, on November 8th - drive walk or crawl if you have to so that you can cast your vote to help protect the future of our blessed republic that we proudly call America. Our nation is pleading to her god-fearing patriotic citizens to come to her aid and protect her from her enemies who are trying to destroy her from within and it’s our god-given duty to respond without hesitation. See you at the polls.

Thank you,

From a loyal patriotic god fearing citizen.

Jim Wallace.