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Our policy for ‘Letters to the Editor’

    The News-Gazette welcomes letters to the editor that are committed to furthering community dialogue.

    Letters may be submitted in person or email and must include an address and phone number for verification. If the author of a letter cannot be confirmed, the letter will not be published.

    Please remember:

    • Letters should be typed for electronic transmission. No hand-written letters.

    • Letters are subject to editing to correct spelling, but not style.

    • There is no guarantee that all letters received will be published or when they will be published.

    • If a letter is rejected the author will be notified.

    • Unfair criticism of private individuals, businesses or private organizations, poetry or inappropriate language will not be accepted for publication.

    News-Gazette letters to the editor do not necessarily express the opinion of the newspaper, its ownership or employees.

    Letters are published as a public service to the community.

    There is a limit of two letters per writer per calendar month.


    Fellow citizens this letter is in response to the recent letter Fred Davis published in the newspaper recently.

    I really don’t know where to start as there is so much of his letter that I disagree with but I’ll give it a shot. First of all, Mr. Davis, you stated that America will always be free, this I totally disagree with you on because if your far left socialist Democrat Party would happen to gain control of our Government everyone’s freedom and liberties would soon be gone as big government would gain control over the people and the American dream would be snuffed out and America would no longer be a Republic and would soon become a failed Socialist State.

    And also, Mr. Davis, I can’t believe that you credit all of the things that you listed in your letter to Socialistic achievements and credit it to the Democrat Party, (WOW) you have really been drinking the Democrat koolade if you buy into that crap). Which reminds me, wasn’t it your wonder boy Obama who said (you didn’t build that)! And naturally, Mr. Davis, you stick up for the media and the press as 95% of the newspapers TV Radio and social media are in bed with the Democrat Party but you claim it’s all about  freedom of the press. (Hogwash, the media and the press is so biased it’s not fit to watch!)

    And just like a Democrat you can’t give President Trump credit for any of the many achievements that he has accomplished for the American people, instead all you can come up with is bashing him because of his hiring and firing policies, (typical Democrat mindset.)

    And finally, Mr. Davis, you close your letter by saying that  the majority of American’s support socialism and a majority of American’s wants free college and naturally you are against supporting our military and are in favor of free medicare for all and ( Oh by  the way) you forgot to mention open borders and sanctuary cities so I’ll add those on to your long list of socialistic goals and achievements. The problem with socialism Mr. Davis is that you soon run out of other peoples money, just look around the world (it doesn’t work)!

    In closing, all I can say is that this great country was founded as a Republic and for over 200 years it has remained in the hands of it’s people and is the greatest nation to ever grace the face of the earth and by God’s grace America’s fate will always remain in the hands of it’s people. So, fellow citizens, if we are to maintain our freedom we the American people must never allow socialism to destroy our American dream and rob us of our liberties and our freedom’s. Folks, the mid term election is coming up and it is imperative that we all do our civic duty and vote for the candidate that will fight for our individual freedoms and liberties and will do their best to help make America great again. Thank you and god bless this great Republic of ours. From a god-fearing, proud American citizen.

- Jim Wallace