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    Are you planning to forego voting in the election this fall because you don’t feel the two major parties are giving you acceptable options?  Have you been convinced that voting for third party candidates is “wasting your vote”?

    I have to admit that I have felt the same way in the past.  Whether I voted Republican or Democrat did not matter because they were two sides of the same coin: career politicians who work for their party, not for their constituents.  Even when I tried to research individual candidates rather than voting down the party line, too few had clearly outlined their platforms. How then are voters to decide who best represents us?

    The media convinced me that a Libertarian candidate could not win.  However, I have since realized that I would not waste my vote by supporting an underdog who would bring much-needed change; I waste my vote by supporting someone who would serve their political party once elected and not the citizens.  I would also be perpetuating a government I did not fully approve of.

    Over 70% of registered Hoosiers normally do not vote in a non-presidential election year.  Perhaps they do not realize the influence that our Congressional representatives have and so squander their opportunity to elicit change.  On the positive side, a smaller voter pool means that each vote counts for a larger percentage, so citizens who vote this year have a higher chance of affecting the outcome of the election.  We CAN elect a third party candidate to office.  This fall I will vote for Tom Ferkinhoff for U.S. House (, Lucy Brenton for U.S. Senate ( and Mark Rutherford for Indiana Secretary of State (  I urge you to research these candidates and don’t waste your vote this year.

- Christy Coffin,

Centerville Resident

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