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    Fellow citizens, a few years ago the tax payers of Randolph County paid close to 10 Million Dollars to totally restore our Court House, which we are still paying for by the way. Now after years of nagging problems, starting with roof leaks and huge heating and cooling bills, our current County Officials decided to hire an inspector to look into the matter.

    Several Thousand Tax Dollars later the inspector gave his findings. It seems that there were several costly errors made by the contractors during the restoration. The electric heating and cooling system was not only inadequate for the Court House it was improperly installed. The building was not properly pressure tested for leaks and was not properly insulated resulting in major heat loss and huge heating bills.

    Holy Smokes Folks, where was the oversight on this 10 Million Dollar project, and why didn’t our county-paid building inspector find these errors during construction? And why on earth would our commissioners at the time sign off on such a costly project that was not thoroughly inspected?

    Folks these are questions that needs answered as it is we the tax payers that must burden the cost of someone elses mistakes unless someone is held liable. According to the inspector the cost of correcting these grevious errors made during the restoration will be well over a million for starters. This sounds familiar folk as it wasn’t two or three years ago that we spent millions to upgrade the old hospital for similar problems. I guess the old adage is true that county officials make lousy landlords and are even worse at managing and maintaining our county-owned properties, not to mention staying within budget. As for holding someone liable for these unexcusable costly blunders I’m not gonna hold my breath. Thank you. From an aggravated tax payer.

- Jim Wallace

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