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FILE - Pedro Rivera, Frances Wolf, Teresa Miller 9-11-2019

Pennsylvania first lady Frances Wolf (center), accompanied by Education Secretary Pedro Rivera and Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller, speaks Sept. 11, 2019, at a roundtable discussion on hunger among college students.

Pennsylvania DEP admonishes Sunoco over exposed pipelines

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has instructed Sunoco Pipeline to cover dozens of pipelines that are currently exposed.

In a news release Wednesday, the department stated that Sunoco had disclosed the existence of 43 separate pipelines that are exposed in response to a request from the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. All but one carry “refined petroleum products,” and the other carries “natural gas liquids.”

The news release states that 10 of the sites aren’t required to be covered, and 14 are currently being covered or work on covering them is about to begin. Of the remaining 19, 10 are undergoing permit review with the DEP and Sunoco has promised to submit permit requests for the other nine.

“Pipelines can become exposed over time due to erosion in stream channels or due to their position in the ground, as many were constructed before there were standards on how deep they should be buried,” DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell said in the news release. “These identified pipelines are now exposed to weather, flooding, and vandalism, which can result in a failure of the pipeline and subsequent impacts to our waterways, so it’s critical that Sunoco addresses them immediately.”

Pennsylvania first lady hosts roundtable on hunger

Pennsylvania first lady Frances Wolf, along with Education Secretary Pedro Rivera, Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller and others, led a roundtable discussion on efforts to combat hunger among college students in the state.

A news release Wednesday from the Department of Human Services stated that as many as one in three college students in the state sometimes deal with food insecurity.

“Pursuing higher education should not be a privilege reserved for individuals with disposable incomes, and hunger shouldn’t be what holds someone back from succeeding in higher education and taking steps to invest in their future,” Miller said in the news release.

The news release noted a policy change by DHS in 2018 that allowed part-time community college students to more easily claim SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps, without having to meet other requirements.

AG’s office: Terminex to pay about $19,000 over delayed documents

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office announced Wednesday that it had secured about $19,000 in restitution from pest control company Terminex over a failure to provide customers with key documents in a timely fashion.

According to a news release, Terminex agreed to a settlement over allegations that it had failed to provide copies of service and finance agreements and notice of cancellation at the time of sale to Pennsylvania customers.

Customers complained to the AG’s office after signing agreements on iPads, the news release stated, with promises that they would receive emailed copies that never arrived.

About 200 customers in the state were affected, and they’ll receive checks from the state in the coming months, the news release stated.