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WATERLOO — A bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of former Seneca County Manager John Sheppard.

Sheppard was scheduled to appear in Waterloo Village Court Wednesday evening for arraignment on a Class A misdemeanor charge of official misconduct.

Neither Sheppard nor his attorney appeared, and 1st Assistant District Attorney Brooke Moore sought a bench warrant for his arrest. Village Justice Conrad Struzik agreed and issued the warrant.

Sheppard was indicted by a Seneca County Grand Jury Oct. 15 on the official misconduct charge.

It alleged that he committed an act relating to his office or constituting an unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that such act was unauthorized and he did so with the intent to obtain a benefit.

The charge relates to his oversight regarding the job performance and behavior of former county Finance Director Brandi Deeds.

Deeds was indicted Oct. 15 by the grand jury on nine Class E felony charges and a Class A misdemeanor charge. She is facing seven counts of falsifying business records, a count of fourth-degree grand larceny, a count of defrauding the government and a misdemeanor charge of official misconduct.

Deeds is charged with falsifying her time sheets and being paid $2,169.54 for time not worked seven times from Dec. 29, 2017 to May 4, 2018. Pre-trial motions filed by her attorney, James Doyle of Rochester, are scheduled to be argued Dec. 10 in Seneca County Court.

Both are free on their own recognizance.