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    In continuing to bring our readers new and interesting information about your friends and neighbors, we are presenting our “What’s Your Story” series. This is a Q & A panel of 20 questions that we ask Randolph County Residents. The information is fun facts and good advice from them on various topics. We are interested in seeing what we can learn about our readers in 20 questions! Hope you enjoy!

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Featured this week is:  Keith Bousman

From: Union City, Indiana | Occupation:  Restaurant Owner

1. Tell us about your family – spouse, children, grandchildren, pets, etc.

    I am married to Susan Gard Bousman. We have three children Brian, Keri, and Kela.


2. What is your occupation?

    I am the owner of Bouser’s Barn Restaurant and Catering.

3. How many jobs have you had? Your favorite?, least favorite?

    I worked on our family farm. I painted houses and barns with JR Meek. I worked at Maul Brothers for three and a half years, and I have owned and operated Bouser’s Barn here in Union City for 45 years. I enjoyed all of these a great deal.

4. Other than your family members, who in your life do you most admire?

    There are many people that I admire. Randolph and Darke County both have a lot of people who work hard and help out their friends, families, and communities. I admire these people, many of whom go unnoticed for all that they do.  

5. If you could change the world, what would be your first move?

    Tell them about Jesus.

6. What is your best advice for someone to experience happiness?

    Forgive one another.

7. You just won millions in the lottery. What will you do with the winnings?

    Help out as many people as I can.

8. What are 3 things remaining on your bucket list?

    I would like to visit the upper East coast and Williamsburg, Virginia.

9. What is the best technological invention from the 1950’s forward?

    The personal computer.

10. What is something that very few people know about you?

    I have no secrets, most people probably know everything about me.


11. What is your biggest pet peeve?

    People that think they are better than others.

12. What is your favorite memory?

    When our children were born.

13. If you found a time machine that would take you back for one day, when would that be? Why?

    I would go back to my senior year of high school, playing Delta in football. This time, we would win.

14. What is the biggest misconception about you?

    None that I know of.

15. What is your favorite place to dine within the boundaries of Randolph County?

    I’ve gotta say Bouser’s Barn.

16. Have you always lived in the Randolph County area? If not where else?

    Yes, I have always lived in Randolph County.

17. Your biggest contribution to society?

    I would have to say our three children.

18. Most important rule in life?

    Love one another.

19. Biggest “Game Changer” in your life?

    Marrying Susan.

20. Will you retire from your current job?


Five Fun Facts:

Can you dance?

    Yes, but it’s not pretty.

Dream vacation?

    The upper East coast (Maine).

Favorite food?

    My wife, Susan’s black raspberry pie.

Dream car?

    A 1968 Chevy Chevelle SS.

Favorite type of music?

    Lite Rock.