In continuing to bring our readers new and interesting information about your friends and neighbors, we are presenting our “What’s Your Story” series. This is a Q & A panel of 20 questions that we ask Randolph County Residents. The information is fun facts and good advice from them on various topics. We are interested in seeing what we can learn about our readers in 20 questions! Hope you enjoy!

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Featured this week is:  Daniel Edwards from Winchester

Occupation:  Pastor/ Bus Driver/ Grain Farmer

1. Tell us about your family – spouse, children, grandchildren, pets, etc.

       I am the youngest son of Wilfred and Rachel Edwards; I am married to Angela (Tallman) Edwards, a wonderful lady who grew up in Thomasville, North Carolina.  We are blessed with 5 beautiful and talented children:  Titus Daniel (21), Tyler Michael (20), Trenton Levi (16), Timothy Logan (13), TaMerra Brooke (9), and a little Corgi/French Bulldog, Mr. Duke Edwards.


2. What is your occupation?

    Well, I wear many “hats.”  I am the Pastor of the Sparrow Creek Friends Church, I’m a school bus driver for Randolph Central Schools, I’m a grain farmer here in Randolph County, and our family sings and plays gospel music together in churches across the country.

3. How many jobs have you had? Your favorite?, least favorite?

    Besides those just listed, during college I was a “handy-man” for several wealthy families in the Westfield area, and when I first graduated from college, I taught English and Mathematics in a private high school and did some substitute teaching for a while. I was also a certified septic system installer for a while. Purely from an enjoyment standpoint, I would have to say my favorite occupation is farming, but my most rewarding occupation is investing in the lives of the people of Sparrow Creek Friends Church. I think my least favorite job was everyday teaching in the classroom. When the weather got nice and the tractors started rolling, I couldn’t wait to get out of school!

4. Other than your family members, who in your life do you most admire?

    Historically speaking, there is no comparison to my admiration of Jesus Christ and my greatest desire is to pattern my life by his example. Among present-day individuals, I greatly admire Dr. Michael Avery, a Godly gentleman who has an incredible ability to make the deep truths of God’s Word understandable and also has an inspiring gift of leadership.

5. If you could change the world, what would be your first move?

    I would end abortion completely.

6. What is your best advice for someone to experience happiness?

    Let God be Lord of your life! There is no peace or joy that can compare to what God offers to those who yield their whole being to Him.

7. You just won millions in the lottery. What will you do with the winnings?

    I don’t play the lottery, there’s no substitute for hard work. However, if I suddenly acquired millions, I would spend very little of it for immediate gratification, but would do my best to invest it for the long term enjoyment of my family, friends, and community. I would also bring Chick-fil-A to Winchester!

8. What are 3 things remaining on your bucket list?

    Take a trip to Israel, scuba dive in the Caribbean, and fly a helicopter.

9. What is the best technological invention from the 1950’s forward?

     The GPS navigation system.

10. What is something that very few people know about you?

    I was the valedictorian of the WCHS Class of 1987 and the salutatorian of the Union Bible College Class of 1991.


11. What is your biggest pet peeve?

    Disrespect for authority.

12. What is your favorite memory?

    I have many wonderful memories, but the one which rises above the others is the time when, as a small child, I sensed God speaking to my heart in a deep and meaningful way. As I yielded my life to Him, he blessed me with his presence and instilled within me a lasting love for him and a sincere desire to serve him all the days of my life.

13. If you found a time machine that would take you back for one day, when would that be? Why?

    Resurrection Day! To witness the Joy of that day would be awesome.

14. What is the biggest misconception about you?

    Probably that I have a laid back personality. Most of the time I do, but when I’m passionate about something, I can be very intense.

15. What is your favorite place to dine within the boundaries of Randolph County?

     My wife’s kitchen, she’s the best; but to give her a break, I also really like El Carreton Mexican Restaurant.

16. Have you always lived in the Randolph County area? If not where else?

    Yes, I was born in the old Randolph County Hospital and have lived here all my life.  During College, I stayed in Westfield, Indiana but I usually came home on the weekends.

17. Your biggest contribution to society?

    The time and energy that I have invested in the lives of the children of Randolph County, including my own.

18. Most important rule in life?

    Remember everything you say can be held against you, therefore, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, Oh, Lord, my strength and my redeemer.” (Psalm 19:14)

19. Biggest “Game Changer” in your life?

     Having godly parents and a godly wife in my life. They have had a significant influence on me that has shaped who I am today.

20. Will you retire from your current job?

    I don’t ever want to quit because I love what I do, but I do hope that as I grow older, I will be able to slow down a little and help the next generation take the torch, carry on, and find the Joy of life that I have experienced.

Five Fun Facts:

Can you dance?

    Not at all!

Dream vacation?

    Cayman Islands.

Favorite food?

    My wife’s peach pie.

Dream car?

    A new Camaro.

Favorite type of music?

    Inspirational Gospel.