Asparagus price remains the same for 2017

With a difficult 2016 behind them, and many questions leading into the 2017 growing season, the 2017 price per pound for asparagus has been set at 76 cents with a delayed terms price set at 77.5 cents per pound. Prices were revealed during the annual Oceana Asparagus Day at New Era Reformed Church Thursday, March 9. The price remains unchanged from 2016, which experienced a three cent drop from 2015.

Michigan Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Association (MACMA) Asparagus Division Executive Director Norm Myers said Thursday during his presentation that there will be five processors this year and that the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board (MAAB) has met with the processors and continues to listen to everything they have to say. Myers said that both Honee Bear Canning and Michigan Freeze Pack had agreed to the price, and Manfort Farms (Seneca) had provided a verbal agreement.

Myers commended those in attendance, and those who work tirelessly to put on this event, which he hailed as the “largest educational program for asparagus growers in North America.” He continued by adding positive thoughts amidst some troubling news for growers. “We’ve had two easy years (2014 and 2015), then a challenging year (2016). We did finish strong with late orders, but it was not a great yield year,” Myers explained. “I hope you continue to put the emphasis on quality, as quality will save the processing industry. We must be grading to the agreed upon MACMA grade.”

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