Mrs. Freeman

Dear Santa Claus,

My behavior is good. Do you have school? Lane needs Roodblocks toys. I need Legos. StarWars MineCraft and Mountain Sets.

Love Colt

Dear Santa Claus.

How are you doing. I have been good this year. Three things on my wish list Air pods, to usa r c cars some thing I want in the world is happyness.

Love Koen

Dear Santa Claus,

are you redy to go to many people houses on Christmas day? Well to me too and even at nite? My behvior is rely good this year because I get to see my dad now. Three things that tell what I want for christmas is a computer, roblox toys, vr set with games with it. Some people am thinking about is my family I wish them pec and love.


Dear Santa Claus,

How are the Elves doing? I have bin beying prity good. my sister and I have bin fiting every once and awile and my 20 year old brother always picks on us when we do fight and we get in truble for kicking balls in the basement and leving the lits on in the basement wat I realy whant for christmas is a mongoos rebel bike because my bike broke when I was riding to my granpa and grama's house and I want a football for christmas because when me and my Dad played in are yard and I realy want a watch because mine broke and shut off when I got it wet and please get health cream for my sister with egsama. Have Holy Jolly Christmas.

Love, Callen

Dear Santa Claus,

How is it at the NorthPole? Did you see a killer Whale? Are you good and do you go to the mall? I hope the Elves are making toys and I want to see the reindeer on Christmas Eev. I hope you elves give me toys. I want nerf guns and nerf blist and a movie about the civil war the north vs the south and a real dinoser.

Love Jaxson

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus now im almost 8 I was a little bad and good. I would like a Hess truck and I would like people to have a good year.

Love, Jonah

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a good girl. How are all of the Reindeer doing? I would like a violin and a shooting star and a t-rex tooth. Santa Claus I can give you a present if you would like. I will send you a cupcake. Love, Luka

Deer Santa Claus,

Are the reindeer ready? I was good! How is the reindeers' behaviors? I would like for Christmas a Fire truck to drive. My brother like the id trak too.

Love Owen

Dear Santa Claus,

Santa how is Mrs. claus? For Christmas I want a soing machine so I can soe my teacher some stuff, a apple woch, the last thing I wish is my Grama didn't have cancer. I wish my Grama would have a wonderful life. Santa I wish I could see you and I wish you have a wonderful life with Mrs. Claus and my behavyer is amasing.

Love, Alexis

Dear Santa Claus,

How is it in the North Pole. Are the reindeer ready too pull the slay? Did you know that my birthday is a month after Christmas? In school we did stiching we made an ordamint then a hornbook we also made butter and are cornbread muffens with the butter last we played some old hames my group went to marbles first then jacks and then hopscotch and then we made the ball in the cup it was so fun we got too keep the ball in the cup. Okay this is what I want for Christmas first I want one of those robot hoves that mover and I get to ride it. Then I want a Harry Potter lefo set for my brother because he loves legos and Hary Potter the last thing I want is i-phone head phones for my sister. I have been petty good this year but please dont give me cole this year. This Christmas I would like if everyone is happy if you would do that this would be the best year yet. Thank you!

God bless, Kymlee

Dear Santa Claus,

is Roodof going to fly the sled this year? I'm good and I tried to control my madness this year. I want some legos, please may I hav LOLs. Please also a tablet too. But what I rely rely want for Jess her two brothers is to have a really great Christmas. P.S. Jess lives in Africa.

Love, Brianna

Dear Santa Claus,

How are the reindeer? I have been good for my Mom and dad and sisder is god too. I want a hover board and a litall forweler and a wach too and my sister does too. Have a god Christmas.

Love, Hunter

Dear Santa Claus,

How many reindeer do you have in the North Pole? I have been kind of good this year. For my christmas list I want a alarmclock because I sleep in for school and I went a sewing machine because my sister has one and I went to sew with her and I went a fitbit and can you get a sat of pokeymon for my brother and a fitbit for my sister and for my mom and Dad a good christmas.

Love Brooke.

Dear Santa Claus,

You have cute reindeer and I have ben a good girl this yere. I hope you have a good Christmas. What I want for Christmas is an Apple woch and a toothbrush and 1 dog too.

Love, Lillee

Dear santa claus,

How were you doing in the past year? It's been a hard year for me are bunny Clyd got parilized and we had to put him down. I wish you could bring them back to life. I would also wish for a sewing machine. I would like a sewing maching because I want to make a cosy blanket. Maybe even a blanket for jack my elf. How is he by the way? Can you please tell jack I said hi and ill see him soon. My last and final wish is some fake nails. Mommy used to where them and she looks good with them on. Brynn is sick she threw up four times I hope she feels better and I also hope that other that are sick or don't feel good feel better even people I don't know like people from canada or arizona. I think Brynn will want more than three things I want more than to but i have a note from Home to that ill send very soon. I think Brynn said she wanted an art kit like the one you got me last year. And I think she wanted a makup kit to, I can't remember the rest. Hey santa did you ever hang out presents that we made you? And don't worry this year were making double chocklett chip cookies and the reindeers will have some vegies, Have a merry christmas.

Love, Harper

Dear Santa Claus,

How did you like summer this year? It was nice out right? Her snata my birthday is two days before Christmas! Santa I have been good except some times I yell because I am exhausted angery, and anoyed by my brothers. My wish list and my brothers: my little brother wants a little barbie house for his boy dolls my big brother wants A pokemon folder because he has lots of pokeymon and I want For everyone and every animals to be happy. Hey Sant I am 7 years old this year and on my birthday I am going to be 8. Did you know Cristmas is my favorite holiday because I like to spend time with my family. Santa I hop you have a merry merry Christmas.

Love Hanna

Dear Santa Claus,

My behaiver is nice. because I do what I am spose to do . I want for Christmas a minecraft set with plastick people with the set. I want a plastick park with a pini t-rex. I also want a intendoy swick with games with it. My sister wants a unicorn. She wants barbies. How are the raindears. Are they redy for a long trip? How are you Santa in the North Poll?

Love, Trenton

Dear Santa Claus,

How are the elves? Are they ready for winter? My behaviar was good over the past year. I wish for a computer and roblox stuff and a vr set.

Love, Logan