DuBOIS — Sandy Township Manager congratulated Terry Young, the township's new full-time police officer, at this week's meeting. 

"It's great to have him on board and, hopefully, he's real happy here thus far. It's great to have him. He's been doing a real good job for us," said Arbaugh. 

Young was hired as a full-time police officer for the township and started on Dec. 10. 

Supervisors' Chairman Jim Jeffers also acknowledged Young joining the township police department. 

"He had been here before," said Jeffers. "He was here as a part-timer, and I thought very highly of him. He was very professional. He did a very good job, and I would have liked to have seen him stay when he was a part-time, but we did not have a position at that time for a full-time (officer). And as most part-timers go, they are looking for a full-time position. He moved on and became a chief in Brockway. I feel sorry for Brockway. I think they lost a good person, but I'm very happy that we have him back as a full-time employee. I think he's truly a benefit to our department."

Right-To-Know requests

Arbaugh updated the supervisors on Right-To-Know law requests. In November, Arbaugh said the township has been receiving "a tremendous amount of Right-To-Know law requests, specifically centered around the police department." He noted it was taking up a lot of the staff's time and that there were several appeals. 

Arbaugh said the township recently won the last appeal.  

"Currently we have no active Right-To-Know requests," said Arbaugh. "We have won all of our three appeals and there are two pending in front of the new district attorney's office. It's probably going to be a while before those get in front of them due to some case backlog."

Court hearing

Arbaugh said the township also had a court hearing recently at the magistrate regarding a case where an individual failed to pay their sewer bill and also connect to water and public sewer. He said the judge did find the person guilty and implemented a payment plan to pay the township and get the individual connected to water and public sewer before July 2020.

"We're happy to move on these cases and get some of these long-standing issues resolved," said Arbaugh. 

Health and wellness training

Arbaugh said a recently held health and wellness training session was well-attended by the staff.

"I think it was very worthwhile and, and I know myself, I picked up a lot out of it and I just want to thank the board for allowing us to do those trainings," said Arbaugh.